Pessah Rhapsody

11/03/2013 | par
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Insolite: la sortie d’Egypte version "Bohemian Rhapsody" de Queen...

Paroles de la chanson en anglais

Is this the real life?
No end to slavery
Caught in Pharaoh’s vise
No escape to reality
Open your eyes
Look up to the skies and see
God will redeem you, so miraculously
‘Cause 10 plagues come, then we’ll go
Blood and frogs, lice and boils
Moses you are dreaming,
this could never happen to me, to me
Pharaoh, let my people go
To fulfill our destiny
With the Torah we’ll be free
Moses, tell your God I've just begun
My heart is hardened,
the Hebrews are here to stay
Wild animals running loose
Soon you’ll wish you’d never been born at all
I see cattle dying, clouds of locust swarming
Fire n’ ice, fire n’ ice!
Plague of hail is coming!
Thunderbolts and lightning
very very frightening me
Days of darkness, Days of darkness,
We cannot see, we cannot move,
Condemn this war-crime fiasco
Listen here, Pharaoh – let my people go
Who is God? No - we will not let you go!
Let us go!
Who is God? We will not let you go!
Let us go!
Who is God? We will not let you go!
Let us go!
Will not let you go!
Let us go!
Never let you go!
Let us go!
Never let you go
No, no, no, no, no, no, no -
The Angel of death has now taken our firstborn
We’re free!
Grab matzah!
We’re free!
Moses did you take us out to the desert to die?
Jump in the water and watch God pile the water high!
Dayeinu – God did this for us dayeinu
drowned the Egyptians so we can get outta here
Passover revolution
No chametz, we’re free
Time to get the Torah,
time to get the Torah, and be free.

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